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Patrol Range

The Patrol range of commercial quality RIBs are designed to work both excellently as a long distance family cruiser or a hardcore work boat. Built to withstand the toughest of conditions.

The hull is built from 5083 aluminium plates with 6 and 10mm stringers. With their super deep V, wide chines and large diameter tube, they offer high manoeuvrability, high safety and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

The range offers something for almost every requirement, from Sailing club support to Police and Rescue applications.

The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily with little horse-power. For charter boat and commercial operators, the modular set-up option means that we can build a layout that suits your needs. These boats are ideal pursuit craft or work boats and can be configured with different seating and console options. When safety, toughness & reliability really matter, the Patrol range should be your first port of call. With MCA rating & commercial

available, the Patrol range is perfect for commercial chartering or working offshore too.

Patrol 420

Boat only from £10995

Patrol 460

Boat only from £12995

Patrol 500

Boat only from £14995

Patrol 540

Boat only from £15995

Patrol 600

Boat only from £22995

Patrol 660

Boat only from £27995

Patrol 760

Boat only from £44995

Patrol 860

Boat only from £49995